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i figured to help get this community started, i'd introduce myself and my pets and encourage other members to do the same :)

my name is sarah, and i think i'm going to have to apply for a zoo permit.Collapse )
27 September 2008 @ 07:28 pm

"Try This: Cat Baggage
Stylish, simple, eco-friendly projects for your natural home.

Cats are notorious for jumping in suitcases when their people are packing for a trip. Why not give them that chance anytime? This pet bed uses the better half of a junk-store suitcase whose days on the luggage carousel are long gone. Simply remove the top of your vintage valise and tuck a feather pillow inside. An easy-to-remove flannel pillowcase makes laundering a breeze. This perch is the perfect curling-up spot for the discriminating catnapper.

1. Find old suitcases at junk stores, garage sales or in your own attic. The hinges and locks needn’t be functional, but the suitcase should be fairly sturdy and have a flat bottom. A small cat or kitten can comfortably bed down in a large briefcase; a large cat or small dog needs a suitcase at least 18 by 24 inches.

2. Separate the top of the suitcase from the bottom. Vintage suitcases have different hinge mechanisms, so you’ll have to be creative and use a little elbow grease to get them apart. Often hinges are riveted in place and can be popped out with a flathead screwdriver. In some cases, the hinge is held together by a pin that can be removed with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

3. A Bed pillow—either a standard or king size—provides cushy comfort for the pet-bed interior. Feather pillows mold nicely to any size suitcase. Find a nice pillowcase that completely covers the pillow, then tuck it into the suitcase bottom. (A deep suitcase may need two pillows.) If you prefer, a piece of fabric about twice the size of the pet bed can be folded around the pillow and tucked in. Either option is easy to remove and throw into the washer when needed." - link
25 September 2008 @ 09:19 pm
my boyfriend dennis helped me cook bird food for my two budgies, and his mom's sun conure zak.

we made a very basic batch with limited ingredients since this would be zak's first experience with fresh food.

sorry, no feathered creatures featured in this post. just the dorky owners cooking foodCollapse )
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25 September 2008 @ 08:24 pm
i thought it'd be a cool idea to start a community blog dedicated to do it yourself for pet owners. it doesn't matter what the type of pet, or what the project, if you did it yourself, it belongs in DIYpet!

i'd like to ask people to utilize the use of tags, i think they're going to be the best friend of this community.